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Clothes that clean themselves

Saturday, February 9th, 2008

The German Focus magazine reported yesterday about a new technology that means that clothes made with it no longer would have to be washed – they clean themselves.

It sounds like science fiction – remember the jacket in Back to the Future II that dried itself?

Or maybe it’s April Fool’s Day and I didn’t notice?

No – it’s serious. The textiles are treated with titanium dioxide, which reacts with sunlight to set off nanoparticles that remove dirt and bad smells, and this has more far-reaching implications that just not having to wash your clothes.

Firstly, the titanium dioxide is considered non-toxic to the environment, and secondly, by not having to wash the clothes the amount of detergent released into the water supply would be reduced.

Great news for the fashion industry and the environment – not so good news for makers of washing machines and washing powder!


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