Should You Invest in a Black & Decker Food Processor?

January 26th, 2010 (Guest Blogger)

Quite a few appliance companies presently produce food processors which offer us less complicated and faster ways of food preparation. Black & Decker offers food processors in a wide collection of types which are made for different uses. Black & Decker Food Processors.

The Black & Decker EHC650

The Black & Decker EHC650 3-Cup 2-Speed Food Chopper is a single-sized food processor that specifically minces rather effectively. This model is 4-3/4 inches around and just 8 inches tall. It comes with a 3-cup processing bowl which can be used for numerous kitchen tasks. This powerful Black & Decker appliance has a 150 watt motor; enough to mince or chop diverse items like cheese, onions, apples, potatoes, and nuts. Other advantages to this model is the ergo food chopper plus pulse, a rugged plastic bowl and a double rubber base storage lid, all of which can get washed in your dishwasher.

While this model is advertised to be simple to clean after using, this doesn’t match the reviews of quite a few cooks. Food scraps routinely become lodged in the plastic that holds the blade. The top part of the model even includes difficult-to-access lateral openings which cannot be sunken in sink water. As a result, cleaning the areas which cannot be submerged is often complicated. On top of that, the action of merely soaking the machine in water could cause growth of black molds.

Black & Decker’s EHC650 is also not exactly efficient in coarsely dicing chunks of food and offering the consistency which most cooks would like. The machine will unfortunately produce coarse chunks on the top and a milky soup on the bottom. This is different from the information in the user’s manual as well. The plastic bowl is additionally prone to premature breakage which is impractical. Black & Decker Food Processors.

The Black & Decker FP1550S

Black & Decker FP1550S 10-Cup Food Processor includes a 500-watt electric motor which easily performs all food processing needs. Added features of this model are the chopping blade, two-in-one slicing and shredding disc and a dough blade. Black & Decker’s FP1550S is ideal for chunking, shredding and slicing any thing from purees to cookie dough. This food processor fits well with every kitchen décor because of its tasteful stainless steel housing. This Black & Decker product is dishwasher-safe and a handsome kitchen accent also.

One disadvantage found in this Black & Decker food processor concerns the lid that is known to be not easy to attach. With that particular problem, the food processor will b e made just about useless for the reason that it is built not to work in case the lid is not properly closed. The most oft-communicated drawback of this product is the quick development of oxidation on the blade. The motor is certainly substantial and tough enough to accomodate lots of food processing jobs, although the plastic gear is not so strong. It is also noisy when operating.

The Black & Decker HC306

The next food processor up for discussion is the Black & Decker HC306. This is a practical food processing machine with a 1-1/2 cup capacity. It comes with a dual-layered stainless steel blade with dishwasher safe parts. Operating with a 70-watt motor, this is made to chop onions speedily without any tears, and other materials in individual-sized amounts. Black & Decker Food Processors

The universal complaint about these Black & Decker food processors is that they have some problems while chopping large batches of foods. The blade tends to disengage from the rotator and as a result stop rotating. However, it can most often serve its purpose as a dependable food processor.

How Rolling Sushi Is Made

January 25th, 2010 (Guest Blogger)

Lots of time, energy and skillfulness are required for rolling a single piece of sushi. You have to make stiff rolls without crumbling your rice grains and all this process should be done without any sushi maker, which means you need unmatched expertise for rolling sushi. Somehow sushi maker can straighten your sushi roll but it would be handy to prepare a great sushi, if you make sushi without them.

The most effortless and fast way of rolling sushi is using sushi makers but still you cannot get those wonderful rolls which you can obtain by using bamboo mats. For rolling sushi by bamboo mats is the customary method followed by the professional sushi makers in all over the world.

As lots of traditions are related with sushi, almost all the sushi chefs do not authenticate the usage of sushi makers for making sushi.

If you have prepared your sushi rice accordingly the significant part has done. Sushi rice should be sultry enough that they do not lose their form while rolling. By adding vinegar in excess quantity would make your rice taste bitter, they will also not combine together and it may override the taste of other items.

However, if you pour less vinegar or do not let it soak into the rice, the Japanese rice would not remain appropriate for rolling and they will get humid . Due to this reason, you should first concentrate a lot on the sushi rice, afterward rolling sushi might become effortless than making the sushi rice.

Besides making perfect rice for rolling, sushi food should also have tasty rich flavors. Both the appearance and taste of the sushi should be appetizing and appetizing. expert sushi makers always strive to enhance% the taste and looks of their sushi food.

The components of sushi should give the harmony of colors and flavors so that both the taste and presentation may boost. Mostly roe and sesame has been used to make the sushi appetizing and amusing.

While many forms of sushi require rolling skillfulness , sashimi and nigiri are two types of sushi that do not require rolling. These styles of sushi focus on the fish and sushi rice, and are often tried by beginners who are intimidated by rolling sushi for the first time.

Serena Pulman
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What You Need To Know After You Decided To Learn To Play Guitar

January 20th, 2010 (Guest Blogger)

Many teenagers want to play guitar after seeing live gigs of their most favorite bands. Many people all over the world want to learn to play guitar after watching youtube videos featuring amazing guitarists. Indeed, guitar is perhaps the most popular musical instrument in the world. Guitar is relatively easy to play. It does not require much space at your home. It is easy to take guitar with you, if you are going to a picnic or to see friends.

Imagine that you finally made a decision to learn to play guitar. What should you do first? Well, perhaps the first step you make is to surf the Internet and read articles written for those who want to become a beginner guitar player.

What can you find on the Internet? The answer is everything. You will read articles submitted by those who have also started learning to play guitar. You might find those articles helpful since you may choose the same methods and approaches.

The Internet offers numerous web recourses for beginners who want to play guitar. So, spend several hours looking for information you need.

When you have made a final decision you need to decide what kind of guitar you want to play. If you want to play classical music and accompany to your singing then you need a good acoustic guitar. Many beginners think by mistake that if they cannot play guitar well they do not need a good guitar.

It has been proved that it is easier to learn to play a good guitar than a bad guitar. Some tunes and melodies will sound horrible if you use a cheap guitar that is sometimes impossible to tune. If you decided to become a good guitar player you need a good guitar.

Thus, you should know that a good guitar is not cheap. If you want to play acoustic guitar choose the ones made of red wood. They have the best sound. You should also decide, what strings you want to have: nylon or iron. Iron string sound more for rock while nylons strings are used in Spanish and classical music. Besides, nylon strings are easier to pull, and pulling nylon strings does not hurt your fingers.

If you are looking forward to becoming the new Jimmi Hendrix you will need an electric guitar. There are many brads to choose from. The most famous are fender, Ibanez, Gibson, Jackson.

The right choice of your first guitar can influence the learning process. Do not be in a hurry. Consult specialists. Choose something that you really need. Do not buy too expensive guitars which rock stars prefer. Choose something simple but of high quality. And be persistent since this si the only way to succeed.

If you made up your mind to learn to play guitar, please start with the reviews of the guitar courses. They will help you to get through possible problems and mistakes that people who want to learn to play guitar often make.

So, start your path to learn to play guitar here.

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